Raised Fist - "Anthem" (Official Lyric Video)

"Anthem" by Raised Fist from the album 'Anthems,' available November 15th
Pre-order at https://raisedfist.ffm.to/anthems

Direction, production, editing, animations, and vfx by: Alexander Hagman, Raised Fist


this is a brand new anthem coming your way
burning up in the studio to make this play
out of the dark with a brand new flow
8 lines of lyrics, but harder than a hammer throw
hey, put your fist to the sky if you love it. this starts today
we are coming with the sound of the kick drum leading the way
for your display, the new anthem. this starts today
you know this breakdown is coming way too late, let me see you levitate/elevate

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Дата на публикация: 11 септември, 2019
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