Tropical Fuck Storm - Braindrops (Official Video)

BRAINDROPS the album is out August 23rd

Edited by Oscar O'Shea
Speedway footage by Aaron Cuthbert
Claymation by Sean McAnulty


yeah rise and shine you’re fine man
even if you’re feeling kinda wonky on you’re legs
if you’re wondering who woke up, you woke up
we just have not figured out which you yet

you ain’t dreaming
that means what’s not you is beyond you
you’ll see only what it represents
but now you’ve gotta get up
coz time is nagging more than ever
like a dog humping your leg
so get up

so get dressed get out
the worst is over now
you picked an odd time to start feeling strange
and when all’s said and done
you’re just a massive cunt
so stop acting like your problems
all jumped out of a cake

the sun is blazing man
its too bright to see
what washed ashore past midnight on Victoria Street
so we’re gonna buy some shades
keep it under wraps
not making eye contact with pikachus or money cats

and i remember a time when life was simple like a glass of water
simple like a glass of water
and now its crystal clear as any bathroom mirror
crystal clear as any bathroom mirror

you’re like a snake with its arse up its head man, stop thinking
its enough dealing with this heat and stink
school bus, street pus, the crushed skulls of a watermelons
flowing down a drain the colour of indian ink
and there Marcel snoozin’ after doing some boozin’
having one them dreams where you’re loosing your teeth
he’s sleeping in the door of what was Thy Thy
snoring ‘neath a sign saying its up for lease
and then a tram thunders along
going ding ding dong
the drivers staring through the windscreens in a trance
the hours are way too long
but then the pay is shit
i hear he’s saving all his money for a hair transplant
the hours are long, very very long
look at that gak head chew, high as a panzer crew
some soccer mummy’s introduced him to the pigs
her horse is higher than a junky’s
but like everybody else here
she’s just buying everything on tic
and there’s Veronica, waiting on blah blah blah
he left her filing her nails in the car
man, beauty got a raw deal there it ain’t fair
and you can hear it in her laugh
it jars, she’s so unhappy

you’ll find him most mornings ‘neath the grocery awnings
making sure the only arrests round here are cardiac
he’s got your back, he’ll ask you if you’re Jason
then send your money to some cam girl up in Seminyak

i remember a time when life was simple like a glass of water
simple like a glass of water
but now its crystal clear as any bathroom mirror
crystal clear as any bathroom mirror

and theres the snort of Nguyen’s old Subaru on laughing gas
he says he hasn’t lost a patient yet
he smokes it up around the corner where u gave up trying to guess
what goes on in other peoples heads
its hard to tell
how far you are from knowing your heart

under the stars and the sun
you feel it all coming undone
you can pretend its a game
under a brand new pair of shades
you can pretend its a game
a pressure drop in your brain

and now we’re gonna buy those shades
we’re coming in to land
and straight away the man’s proposing that the world is flat
its also square and it ain’t going anywhere
well we can see its full of squares
not gonna argue with that
and now we’re laughing in the window of his old bong shop
selling cheap shit sham knock off hand bags brands
and he’s explaining how we’re living in a simulation
so why not buy a pair of Chinese Ray Bans????

Дата на публикация: 19 август, 2019
Категория: Друго

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