Freddy Cole This Time I'm Gone for Good

This Time I'm Gone for Good
I shoulda stayed gone
When I left before
Cause you do me wrong
When we're together
But I keep coming back
Oh, Lord, for more

When I leave this time
Whoa, Lord, make sure
It's understand that
This time, I'm gone for good
Many times I've left you
But I couldn't stay away too long
Thank God for the strength
That he gave to me to leave home
And still be strong

It's been warm outside
But for me, but for me
There's been no sunshine
So hard for me to leave
But I finally made up my mind

This time, baby, Lord
I'm not gonna let you
Worry me no more
And this time, baby
Don't even say nothing to me
Oh, Lord, bye, bye, baby

Дата на публикация: 14 август, 2019
Категория: Музика
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