Направи си сам Гривна Шамбала - от различни камъни с лечебен ефект

DIY: How to Make a Shamballa bracelet - stones with healing effect
I present you a new version of Shamballa Bracelet with healing stones Sodalide, Citrin, Rock kristall, Amber, Aventurin, Jade, Tiger eye
I used:
-cord 1,5 mm
-cord 0,5 mm
-natural stones
-pins to fix

Sodalite -
The sodalite has a particularly good effect on the lungs. He may also be the right treatment for sore throat and laryngitis. Because vocal cords and hoarseness, voice loss and asthma can absorb forces from the stone. The entire respiratory system including the lungs can be associated with this stone. The lymphatic system can be strengthened with sodalite, and high blood pressure and fever disappear. Supposedly, the stone can detoxify the body and regulate blood sugar. Its effect on the pancreas should be strong. This is above all a hope for diabetics, as the pancreas produces insulin, which is important for the healthy metabolism in the body.
Citrine is a very versatile stone. He is used as a healing stone concomitantly in diabetes. Here he shows a strong effect especially in children. He should also strengthen self-confidence, help with digestive problems, stomach inflammation, arthritis, dermatitis and uterine infections.
Rock kristall-
The rock crystal is one of the most important gemstones and healing stones ever and is found all over the world.
If the rock crystal in the form of a simple tip worn as a pendant over the clothes, it unfolds its effect as a strong protective stone against dark energies. For this purpose, it must be attached at the height of the split sun, as was customary with the old high priests.
The amber should be able to help with skin diseases. Especially dry skin, psoriasis and allergies are considered treatable. In addition, the teeth and pharynx as well as digestion with liver, bile and stomach are "vulnerable" to the benefits of amber. It is used for pain, from menstrual cramps, headaches and back problems. He also works on muscles and bones. Gout, rheumatism and joint inflammation can be treated, as well as tension and tendonitis. In addition, the amber acts on the vitality, influenza infections and hot flashes, asthma, bronchitis and generally the thyroid gland.
The healing stone Aventurine is used in case of problems with the skin. Skin irritations from acne to rashes, psoriasis or sunburn are treated. Relief promises the stone also at an elevated cholesterol level or blood pressure and reduces deposits in the vessel walls. A strengthening of the connective tissue can go along with it. In lung diseases asthmatic or similar attacks are alleviated and pain of any kind can be reduced, especially on the back. A treatment of sore throat is also possible as well as the burden of kidney stones.
Jade is said to stimulate kidney activity. It has a strengthening effect on the circulation and the heart and is said to detoxify the organism. Diseases of the internal organs are favored with the healing stone jade, whereby the stone strengthens the entire immune system. The body's metabolism is stimulated. The jade is awarded a very special charisma but also attraction.
The bearer of tiger eyes are said to have more courage and protection as well as security. Because the stone refines the senses and helps with important decisions. Tiger's eyes are considered strong healing stones that support bones and joints. Even with asthma and shortness of breath, the stone can help very well. The stone strengthens the liver and bladder, has an antibacterial effect and helps with colds of all kinds. The blood sugar level is to be regulated by this stone, it harmonizes supposedly hormone over functions and relieves spasms. In case of pain can help, especially in tendonitis and migraine, but also in other general pain and discomfort, the tiger eye is often used.

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