[EN] PMSC Online Ranking Tournament Day 2 | PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE 2019

Thank you to everyone who has participated in PMSC 2019 over the last few weeks! In the coming weeks, our top 16 voted gaming creators will team up with their friends and compete against each other in an online ranking tournament. This will take place from July 18 - 19, with 4 matches per day. Their rankings will determine the order in which they choose their pro-team for the next leg of the journey.
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Wonder how your star will perform and who they will team up with? Check out the live stream to find out!
Team 1 # Dynamo Gaming
Team 2 # The RawKnee Games
Team 3 # Kronten Gaming
Team 4 # Gareebooo
Team 5 # Alice MG
Team 6 # Ken Boo
Team 8 # Rollexxx
Team 10 # Dita Afifah N
Team 11 # K7凱琪
Team 12 # 梓凜精華區
Team 13 # みしぇる/Mitchel
Team 14 # EVOS BulShark
Team 15 # 키실 KisiL
Team 16 # 心懸

Match 1 Miramar
Match 2 Erangel
Match 3 Erangel
Match 4 Erangel

Click the links below for streaming in other languages:
Indonesian: https://youtu.be/NYvcspBeiSk
Hindi: https://youtu.be/JkhC5eKc5EU
Thai: https://youtu.be/Z4S8C7AbD5Y

Voting website: https://pmsc.pubgmobile.com

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